Pre sales service

1. We can send you the video pass data of equipment operation.

2. Welcome to visit our factory. At the same time, if you need, we can also go to your factory to listen to your plans and requirements, and give our professional suggestions.

after-sale service

1. We will deliver the machine on time and provide the loading list to ensure that you can get the machine quickly.

2. When you have completed the preparation conditions, our professional after-sales service engineer team will go to your factory to install the machine and guide your employees to operate the equipment.

3. The customer manager often inquires about the use of your equipment and gives suggestions for equipment maintenance.

4. Lifelong technical support.

5. Your business relationship with us is confidential to any third party.

Quality Control

We have a separate quality inspection department to ensure the quality of raw materials, to ensure that every machine to customer satisfaction.

spare parts:

ceramic circle



yarn pot