Secondary twisting machine

The DONGXING DX321F Twisting Machines are the answer to increasing energy costs, offering tire cord manufacturers enormous, even revolutionary production cost savings together with further quality improvement.

product description

The DONGXING DX321F Twisting Machines are the answer to increasing energy costs, offering tire cord manufacturers enormous, even revolutionary production cost savings together with further quality improvement.
Power consumption reduced by up to 50 %
Heat load reduced by up to 50 %
Significantly reduced noise level
Up to 50 % fewer yarn breaks
Maximum economic efficiency and quality thanks to state-of-the-art technology
Two-for-one twisting machines for industrial yarns
Designed for new challenges in the two-for-one twisting of industrial yarns
This is the world of technical yarns. They are used in mechanical engineering, in aviation and space travel, in medical technology, in the automobile industry, in the building industry and many other products for today and tomorrow.
High-quality end products require high-quality production means. With the two-for-one twisting machines for industrial yarns, DONGXING customers benefit from technological leadership and top quality machine construction together with a long-standing partnership of mutual trust.

Spindle gauge 290mm
Spindles per section  12
Standard sections per set 12
Standard spindles per set 144
Spindle type 166/230
Yarn pot type 166/230
Operation method    pneumatic / manual
Processing material 400D-1260D filament
Spindle running speed 2000-8000rpm
Twists range 200-1500TPM
Feed-in bobbin straight bobbin
Feed-in yarn package weight ≤4kg
Winding up bobbin 230mm/straight bobbin
Winding up package weight 4kg
Winding up yarn speed ≤80m/min
Yarn shaping control servo control system
Spindle driven method Long belt
Twist direction s/z
Tension control steel ball, flyer
Power configuration 2pcs of  380V/11kw/15kw motors
Input power and capacity Three-phase 380V/50Hz/80A
Operataion control Touch Screen
Dimension headstock+tailstock: 3m,
machine body: 2.04M*12 sections, width: 1.5M, height: 1.5M.
Machine Features´╝Ü
1.DX321F adoptes servo system, inverter, PLC, touch screen and microcomputer control synchronous system.
2.Suits for filament yarn TFO twisting and reverse TFO twisting for DX268V winding up yarn, its finished yarn package weight can reach to 4kg big each, and twisted yarn no knotting and no no oil-stained yarn, provides high quality soft cones directly to cone dyeing.
3.Energy saving design, adoptes two main motors to drive, which not only solved belt uneven tension problem, also declined energy consumption.
4.DX321F adoptes servo system, compared to traditonal gearbox system, servo system has simple structure, no pollution, less noise, easy maintenance, various shaping technology, and better yarn shaping and machine running stabilization.
5.All the high quality parts composed the excellent yarn path, minimized yarn damage duiring its processing and much better suitable for high quailty yarn production request.
6.Based on features of filament yarn, we did many modifications to DX321F, and provide low energy consumption, less manpower requirement and exclusive machinery to replace traditional compound twisting machine at certain level.
7.Can be using as secondery TFO in two times twisting (S and Z) process.




Date: October 28 to 30, 2020
Place: Tashkent (Uzbekistan)


Date: June 12 - 16, 2021
Place: Shanghai (China)

ITM 2021

Date: June 22 to 26, 2021
Place: Istanbul (Turkey)