Creeping machine


product description

DX310Y creep machine

No.  Items DX310Y
1 Spindle number  192 for basis, (A multiplier of 16 )
2 Operation method Double sides, single laye
3 Spindle   Ingot pulley Dm Φ28
4  Spindle gauge 225mm
5  Spindle Speed 9000-13000
6 False twister range Winding separated form E-motor; twisting direction set freely
7  Twisting direction  S/Z
8  MAX winding capacity 1.5KG, Φ200*152
9 Unwinding bobbin standard Φ110xΦ42xΦ320
10  Take-up bobbin standard   Φ69xΦ57x170
11  Winding angle 20~40 degree
12 Tension Control  multiple tension bead and tension ring working together
13  Suitable range 30D~400D Polyester filament
14 Total power 22KW
15  Electric power 15KW
16  Working temperature 140℃~250℃
17  the length of wire in heating box 400mm
18  MAX false twister speed 150000RPM

Product Description:
This machine is applicable to the twisting, preshrinking and false twisting of the polyester filament yarn. The crepe yarn is used as raw material for the silk-like polyester fabrics.
1. This machine is allowed to produce crepes of different styles according to the raw materials of different fineness, providing the fabric producers with a new platform and condition in the products development.
2. The machine has the following features such as high efficiency, high output, low cost, quick turnover and convenient management.
3. Digital monitoring-----spindle speed, number of false twist spindle, overfeed rate, winding speed, length of meter, alarm display, working time, program memory, twist direction etc.
4. The machine adopts PLC control, which can adjust the twist freely.
5. This machine is really the first choice in supporting the raw material depended on processing enterprises and textile factories to perfect their equipment.




Date: October 28 to 30, 2020
Place: Tashkent (Uzbekistan)


Date: June 12 - 16, 2021
Place: Shanghai (China)

ITM 2021

Date: June 22 to 26, 2021
Place: Istanbul (Turkey)